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Helping people all around the UK bag their dream job.

1000's of Graduates troll the internet looking for their perfect jobs every day. They scroll through 5+ different websites just to find the right job and then they get hounded by recruitment agencies wanting to 'get some more information'. Here at After Uni Jobs, we collate all those jobs that are right for you and put them on one website *without* those annoying follow up calls.

Our site is a library of jobs just waiting for you. Whether you studied Law, Archeology, Geometry or even Zoology, we've got you covered.

One of our partners is CV Library, so some of our jobs will be similar to theirs but don't fret, they're friendly there too!

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We collate the best jobs in the UK relevant to your Degree, so you don’t have to!

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Just click on the job you want and it will take you straight to their page with NO recruiters in between!


Search by Degree and you’ll see a list of jobs relevant for you!


Advertise your Graduate roles on our site for a fraction of anywhere else and get the best Graduates applying!


Advertise your Graduate courses with us and give thousands of Graduates a chance to better their learning!


Get great advise on every part of the job journey by reading our blogs. There will be new ones every week that will help you all!

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