Applying for a job without any experience.

Most jobs nowadays say that they need ‘1-4 years of experience’ within their specified field but how are you supposed to gain that experience? You’ve spent the best part of 3-7 years in Higher Education, gaining the necessary qualifications in your desired field and now you’re being told you need to do more. Well, isn’t that a kick in the teeth?! Here at After Uni Jobs, we post jobs relevant to your Degree, where you may not even need experience. This way, helping you get closer to your dream job and minimalising the amount of Graduates that don’t follow on from what they’ve studied.
What will make me stand out from the others when applying?
One thing to be cautious of though, is that the less experience required, the more applicants there will be, so you’ll need to make sure you stand out from the crowd! At first point of call, when you apply online for a job, there will always be a section where you can add your CV, a Cover Letter or both. This section is your section to shine! As well as a great CV, your cover letter needs to have the best parts about you and how you can relate to this role that you want. Even if you don’t have the ‘experience’ per say, just constructively note down anything, any moment, that can relate to the role you’re applying for. Most employers look at personality and writing skills in a Cover Letter, so make sure to really get down what makes you feel accomplished and what you could bring to the role.
When you get to the Interview stage, make sure to dress to the nines, be polite, educated about the company, and *know your CV!* Knowing your CV is one of the most important aspects of an Interview. An interviewer will ask you questions about what you did in previous roles, why you left them and if there are any gaps in your CV, why they’re there. By already knowing the answers to the questions that most employers ask, it’ll show that you’re well prepared and that you are ready for anything that’s thrown your way.
“Experience is a lesson of the past, to lessen the burden of the future” – Michael Sage

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