Why and how you should dress appropriately at work.

In today’s world, we’re brave enough to be who we want to be, whether that’s through our tattoos, our hair colour, our gender, our sexuality, our exotic pets or even our clothes, we’re a very diverse planet. Unfortunately, the business world has yet to catch up. When going for an interview in a job that you desire, generally you must dress appropriately for said job. If you’re about to go for a fashion based role, you’ll have to look fashionable. If you’re going for a managerial role, you’ll have to look professional. If Ariana Grande went for an interview in a heavy metal store, I highly doubt she’d get the role. So, being who you want to be is great, we’d never want you to change, but when going for an interview, dress for the job you want.
Once you’ve got the job, you won’t want to let that first impression slip. Climbing up the ladder in any business is a long game and one you need to be emotionally and physically prepared for. By being continuously smart and well dressed, you’ll definitely be getting noticed by the people around you. A few past colleagues of mine have even gone so far as to start ‘peacocking’, that is, wearing brightly coloured shirts or ties so that you stand out from the crowd. The bright colours and patterns could also be a good conversation opener for new clients, colleagues and the hierarchy, so give it a go and let us know how you get on!
Just always remember that people judge others within 6 seconds of meeting them, so smile, be polite and always dress appropriately.
“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life” – Bill Cunningham

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