What your New Years Resolutions should be.

1) Don’t hope that next year will be a ‘better year’, hope that next year you’ll grow and learn as a person.

2) Do what scares you, not what’s comfortable. If you want something enough, you’ll jump over the scary obstacles.

3) Work because you want to, not because you need to. We all have to work our way through life, so you may as well enjoy it whilst you do. If you have a degree, check out www.afterunijobs.co.uk for jobs in the UK, or if you don’t, head over to www.cvlibrary.co.uk and find your dream job.

4) Start believing in yourself. If you have an idea, a passion or a goal and you believe that you can achieve it, then it doesn’t matter if other people don’t believe in you. Self belief is what’s most important and what will get you results.

5) Enjoy the little things. The big things like jobs, holidays, family and money will all bring you stress at some point, so learn to enjoy and cherish the small moments that make those big things worth it. Your child’s first steps, your first sale at work or even your first 1 mile run. Small bursts of happiness go a long way.

6) Be kind to those around you. The world is crazy enough as it is, so be open minded, honest, caring and kind and you’ll feel better for it.


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